The near net forgings produced at Fox Valley Forge on hydraulic and mechanical presses result in significant material and cost savings for our customers. Our “Tradition of Quality” ensures that we produce the best possible parts. FVF is a leader in the Oil & Gas industry, manufacturing drill bits, hex bolts, pup joints, NPST, swivels, coupling pups, hose loops, discharge/suction valves and pony rods, among many more products.

Supplier Excellence Award winner!

Fox Valley Forge's commitment to quality parts and service can be credited for our receipt of the prestigious awards. FVF strives to be the cost effective, on time supplier that people trust. FVF works with some of the shipping industries best, to help us get our parts to our customers on time, and at an affordable rate. FVF has a tradition to Quality. Send in your RFQ today and experience that tradition first hand.

Achilles verifies FVF as a certified supplier

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