Custom engineered upset, extruded or swaged forged steel components for a wide variety of markets and end-use applications.


Fox Valley Forge has invested heavily in state-of-art hot and warm forging technologies to produce components for a variety of end-use markets. Our expertise in forging processes such as upsetting, extrusion and swaging allow us to provide gear blanks, gear and axle shafts, wheel hubs and spindles, forged coupling pup joints and horizontal drill pipe and many custom shapes in production quantities both large and small.  Our objective at Fox Valley Forge is to apply the latest engineering methods and state-of-art forging technology to the production of high quality closed-die forgings that exceed our customer’s expectations.

Supplier Excellence Award winner for 3 consecutive years

Fox Valley Forge's commitment to quality parts and service can be credited for our receipt of the prestigious awards. FVF strives to be the cost effective, on time supplier that people trust. FVF works with some of the shipping industries best, to help us get our parts to our customers on time, and at an affordable rate. FVF has a tradition to Quality. Send in your RFQ today and experience that tradition first hand.

Fox Valley Forge Attains PED Certification

In May of 2002 the European Union (EU) issued the Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) setting standards for design and fabrication of pressure equipment.