Press / Upsetters

Upsetter and Press Forging

A full range of horizontal upset presses and two automated vertical press cells provide the capability to offer impression closed-die forging processes such as upsetting, extruding (backward & forward) and swaging or any combination as required for the most cost-effective forging. 

Horizontal Upset Forging Presses

Upsetters incorporate split dies to allow material to protrude beyond the press opening and are often used to produce long shapes such as flanged axles, drive shafts, large bolts , drill pipe and tube products.  The ram / header-slide operates in the horizontal plane to facilitate movement of the workpiece from one progressive die station to the next.

Vertical Forging Presses

Our vertical presses have the capability form the entire billet resulting in a more near-net shape and a reduction of subsequent heat treatment and machining costs.  Production is arranged in a cellular concept from the introduction of  bundled full length, steel bars, through high-speed cut-off saws, electric bar heating and robotic handling on both entry and discharge side of the press.  Work-in-process is kept to a minimum, material handling is efficient and the process is highly repeatable.