Fox Valley Forge has been forging truck axle, transmission, drivetrain and engine components for both the OEM and aftermarket industries for over 60 years. The importance of forging to the truck industry is illustrated by the fact that approximately 40% of a typical truck axle consists of forgings. Adhering to the strict quality requirements that this safety sensitive industry demands has made Fox Valley Forge a preferred forging supplier.


Our Midwest location and wide range of forged product capabilities makes us a logical and cost-effective supplier of components used in tractors, combines, seeding and forage equipment. We serve the world's farming needs with forged components for engine, suspension, powertrain and transmission components.


Our customers include the leaders in the construction and defense industries for whom we produce gears, shafts, hubs, yokes, bevel pinions, flanged axle spindles and more for assembly into powertrains, transmissions and gear boxes. Be it heavy construction, forestry or military, reliability is critical and our forged components in backhoes, skid steer loaders, joint light tactical vehicles and other specialized equipment provide the durability these machines need to keep operating under the most demanding conditions.


Fox Valley Forge has the equipment and expertise to forge components for drilling, fracturing, pumping and compressor applications to name a few. These forged components include Valve Stems, Suction Valves, Fluid Ends, Casings, Tool Joints, Discharge Top Valves, Pony Rods and Sucker Rods, Horizontal Drill Pipe, Swaged Tube for Gas-Lift Mandrels and High-Pressure Coupling Pup Joints.


Fox Valley Forge is a global supplier of Down-The-Hole (DTH) percussion drill bit blanks for use in quarry blast holes, water wells, ventilation, mining and gas & oil exploration. We also forge earth anchors for structures built in seismic zones and other large fasteners for a variety of applications.

Power Generation

FVF has capability to produce a wide variety of shafts, pinion gears and custom forgings for generators, turbines, blowers, spools and sprockets utilized in various sources of electrical and mechanical power generation equipment.


We have a history of supplying quality forged products such as flanged and non-flanged axles, transmission shafts, yokes and hubs for both production and aftermarket applications. Fox Valley Forgings may be found on the highway, off-roading, at the drag strip and on the oval track.