Input and Output Shafts

Fox Valley Forge Manufactures Closed Die Forgings of Input Shafts and Output Shafts are used in the Manufacture of a Wide Variety of Agricultural, Automotive, Heavy-Duty Construction, and Transportation applications.  Our Machined Metal Forging Products are found in Semi Trucks, Tractors, Cranes, Skid Steers, ForkLifts, Motor Homes, Fork Lifts, and Skid Loaders.

We also Manufacture Drivetrain Components such as Transmission, Transfer Case and TransAxle Input and Output Shafts that are used in the Manufacture of Power Trains for Luxury Vehicles, Light and Heavy Duty Trucks, as well as in Performance Automotive Applications such as Racing, Muscle Cars, Sports Cars and SuperCars, Offroading, and Sport Utility Vehicles.

  • Head Diameters to 8"
  • Stem Length 5 Feet and Greater
  • Stem Diameters down to 5"