Our 2783 Series Tee Bolts are manufactured to SAE Grade 5 or Grade 8 specifications and offer the ultimate in strength and durability, where fastening security strength cannot be compromised. Whether it is to fasten a fuel tank to the chassis of a Class 8 truck, or for any other critical securing application, our 100% American-made Tee-Bolts leave nothing to chance.

Our 500 Series Tee-Bolts are forged to exceed your fastening security needs. Our forged Tee-Bolts are consistently superior in quality and reliability over cold-headed and overseas alternatives. The 500 Series Tee-Bolts are produced from C1018-C1022 material; thread pitch and length can be machined to your exact specifications

Is the Tee-Bolt that you need not a Standard? No problem-

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